Our Story

"We have known each other for more than 15 years and have wasted many Sunday mornings wandering around our local area to find the best cup of coffee. The need for a kick before a workout means we have tried most high street and supermarket coffees. We found the perfect coffee when I (Dan) decided to learn about how coffee is made and tried roasting my own bean. Fast forward a few years and Coffee Flamingo was born.

What has coffee got to do with flamingos I hear you ask? Well in truth, nothing. But it has a lot to do with us. Flamingos have been ever present in our home décor due to their fabulous flamboyant appearance and striking shape. But the connection runs a little deeper than that.

The ancient Moche people worshiped animals, in particular flamingos which were depicted on pottery and ceramics. The Moche people flourished in ancient Peru, which just so happens to be our favourite coffee bean. Flamingos are known to be very sociable animals, having large flocks and forming strong bonds with partners. In fact, they’d probably love nothing more than wasting many Sunday mornings with their partner and a good coffee. That is if they could. They are animals after all.

So our strong bond, our flamboyance, our love for relaxing with a coffee, our affinity with flamingos, and the Peruvian origins all make Coffee Flamingo".

Our mission is to offer great tasting, no jargon or snobbery, just beautifully delicious and ethical sourced, hand curated coffee in its simplest form.

We have hand selected a collection of our favourite coffee beans to give you a range of options that suit your tastes. Whether it’s a fruity blend or a chocolate, nutty single-origin, Coffee Flamingo has you covered.   

Did you know a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?

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