The Perfect Cold Brew

The Perfect Cold Brew

The weathers warming up, the sun is shining and we've had Pride month. Which can only mean one thing, ice coffee! 

Almost all coffee shop's will have ice coffee available but only the good ones take the time to make cold brew. So what's the difference, well iced lattes or americano's are just those drinks poured over ice. While they are favoured by some often these drinks can be a little bitter or masked by the milk. Where Cold brew retains the flavour properties of the coffee more closely. Not only that it is usually smoother in taste and texture. 

As with pour over or filter you'll get a more complex flavour profile and taste the subtleties of the coffee. Something you wont get with espresso based iced coffee.  Filter with full cafetiere and carafe.

Our Brazil is a great option for cold brew, it's a slightly darker roast for cold brew but its dark chocolate and nutty flavours really work. Heres the recipe:

1.  60g of coffee for approx 1 litre of water. You'll need to have a course grind, like you would for a french press or pour over. 

2. Pour cold water over grounds and use a spoon to make sure all of it is covered in water and soaked.

3. leave for approx 12 hours at room temperature or we prefer in the fridge over night.

4. You'll need to use a filter paper in order to get a clean smooth coffee.


Alternatively a more subtle complex cold brew can be made with our Kenya, its fruity light flavours work amazingly well and give a really refreshing finish. 

For this recipe we suggest  70g of coffee per litre. but use the same process. 



Why not experiment yourself and see which of our coffee's can produce an awesome cold brew. 

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