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Award Winning Brazil

Award Winning Brazil

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Award winning Brazil beans with a Great Taste 1 star award 2022. 
What the judges had to say, "Lovely syrupy body to this espresso and a deep intense chocolatey flavour straight off the bat. A long, lingering finish and a great example of a darker roast."

The Brazil is a single origin coffee bean, meaning the beans come from the same area. It is a deliciously powerful coffee with nutty almond and dark chocolate flavours. It makes a perfect bean for espresso with a beautiful crème. It pairs wonderfully with diary or non dairy milks. It's a versatile coffee and is just as delicious brewed using a pour over or cafetiere brewed. 

Plus it's Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning the beans are sustainably farmed to safeguard the health of the land and forests for future generations. If you love coffee and strong coffee, this wont disappoint. 

Flavours:  Sweet Almond and Dark Chocolate 
Roast & Strength: Medium - Dark Roast and Strong
Origin: Brazil
Bean or Ground
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