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Award Winning Decaf Coffee

Award Winning Decaf Coffee

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Award winning decaf coffee –Our decaf won a Great Taste award in 2023. It goes through the traditional Mexican water process. This process washes the beans and draws the caffeine out of the bean,
in one of the most natural methods available. So, you can have the great coffee taste without the caffeine. Perfect for a cosy evening brew or for those who need to cut out the caffeine all together. Read what the Great Taste judges had to say about our decaf.

"Chocolate and nuts on the nose with a touch of raisin. The nuttiness gives way to a light flavour of stone fruit on the palate with a hint of floral tea. There is still a distinct coffee-ness about it, though. It would be hard not to like this, it's refreshing and satisfying and, perhaps best of all, you don't miss the caffeine at all."

Flavours: Sweet and nutty
Roast & Strength: Medium Roast and Strength
Origin: Brazil
Bean or Ground
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