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Coffee Flamingo



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Kenya is a single origin coffee bean, meaning it is farmed in the same area. A premium bean that encapsulates the vibrant essence of East African coffee culture. Sourced from the fertile highlands of Kenya, this coffee is a true celebration of the region. 

Our Kenya boasts a distinctive flavour profile characterised by bright acidity, floral aromas, and a tantalizing sweetness reminiscent of ripe wild berries. Each sip offers a journey through Kenya's diverse landscape, from the sun-drenched savannahs to the lush valleys. 

Our beans are meticulously selected to ensure only the finest quality reaches your cup. We enjoy it as a smooth pour-over or drip coffee but if you prefer a punchy, fruity espresso this is your bean.

A different flavour to most of our beans, it is a tangy and fruity flavoured bean. Amazing served black for maybe a weekend treat; although we love it all day long. 

Flavours: Tangy Forest Fruits & Wild berries
Roast & Strength: Medium Roast and Strength
Origin: Kenya
Bean or Ground
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